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Jordan Boosts Healthcare to Meet Demand

Progress on two new medical facilities, located in Irbid and Amman, could add much-needed capacity to Jordan’s health sector as it copes with rising demand for healthcare services. At the start of the year, the government began the pre-qualification process…

Superbugs: the Growing Threat of Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Doctors in Jordan are warning of a looming public health crisis posed by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. By Elizabeth Whitman The recent horrifying Ebola outbreak has distracted us from what is potentially a much larger threat to global public health: antibiotic-resistant bacteria….

Building Jordan: Engicon

This feature is part of a series highlighting the most prominent engineering and design consultancy firms with headquarters in Jordan or that have a significant 00M-651 presence in the Kingdom.   Founded: 1988 CEO: Tarek Zuriekat Number of employees: Approximately 450…