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Tech Talent Tournament

As a high profile showcase for Jordan’s brightest young minds, Microsoft’s Imagine Cup is hard to beat. By Zeid Nasser The Imagine Cup is Microsoft’s global technology competition for students between the ages of 16 and 24. Since it began…

Red Sea-Dead Sea Project: Too Little, Too Late?

The $950 million Red Sea-Dead Sea conveyance project has finally been given the go-ahead. While it will likely save Jordan money and provide it with much-needed fresh water, doubts remain about whether it can save the fast-shrinking Dead Sea over…

Superbugs: the Growing Threat of Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Doctors in Jordan are warning of a looming public health crisis posed by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. By Elizabeth Whitman The recent horrifying Ebola outbreak has distracted us from what is potentially a much larger threat to global public health: antibiotic-resistant bacteria….