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LG G4: The Flagship to Beat

With the release of the range-topping G4, LG’s competitors will need to up their game. By Sadad Talhouni Since it released the game-changing G2 back in 2013, LG has managed to consistently deliver exceptional upgrades to its flagship handset line….

Project Soli: Next-Gen Gesture Sensing Technology from Google

With Project Soli, Google has developed a new gesture-tracking technology which could potentially revolutionize the way we interact with everyday devices. Instead of a physical button, gamepad, or touchscreen, the radar-enabled chip that Google has developed allows simple hand movements…

Sony Xperia Z3: Playing it Safe

While there’s no denying the Sony Xperia Z3 is an impressive piece of kit, it’s just a shame Sony didn’t attempt to anything really innovative with its latest flagship smartphone. By Sadad Talhouni With its Xperia Z line, Sony has…