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Professional Associations Strike Against Changes to Income Tax Law

Thousands from thirty-three associations and unions took part in a strike against the proposed modifications to the income tax law today. The main associations who joined the strike include doctors, engineers, journalists, teachers, lawyers, and pharmacists who reject the draft law….


Growth Against the Odds

Despite having to contend with regional turmoil and significant domestic challenges, the IMF’s Mission Chief for Jordan believes the Kingdom’s economy will keep expanding in 2017. By Dina al-Wakeel  It’s been a trying few years for Jordan’s economy. From raging…

Minister of Finance Omar Malhas on Jordan's Economy in 2017

The Economy in 2017

Jordan’s Finance Minister, Omar Malhas, says the country will have to make some tough economic choices in 2017. By Dina Al Wakeel Jordan’s public debt now stands at almost 95 percent of GDP, and unemployment is running at around 16…

The New Income Tax Law: Who Wins and Who Loses?

The new Income Tax Law finally came into effect this year in an attempt to raise more government revenue. But what does it mean for individuals and businesses? By Jane Hosking Jordan’s long awaited, and debated, new Income Tax Law…