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Relief and Development: Ending the Zero-Sum Myth

Is it possible to economically empower both Jordanians and Syrian refugees? Two leading relief agencies believe so. By Brian E. Frydenborg Sadly, as 2018 opened, the world looked on yet another consecutive year of record displacement, with a staggering 68.5…

Jordan Compact

The Jordan Compact: One Year on

The Jordan Compact has no doubt helped the Kingdom better cope with the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis. But for it to truly live up to its promise, some changes will need to be made. By Shaddin Al Masri…

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Making the Pledges Count

Jordan was thrown a lifeline at February’s international donor conference for Syrian refugees. But for the billions of dollars pledged to make a lasting impact, they must be spent on genuine long-term economic development. By Osama Al Sharif We could all…