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Nip and Tuck: Jordan’s Plastic Surgery Boom

Whether they’re carrying out nose jobs on women wanting to look like film stars, or liposuction on men hurtling towards middle age, Jordan’s plastic surgeons say they’ve never been busier. By Elisa Oddone As we become more and more accustomed…

Altibbi: A Website in Good Health

Altibbi has risen from modest beginnings to become the region’s number one health website. By Jane Hosking The origins of Altibbi can be traced back to a hefty medical dictionary sitting on a shelf in the Amman office of Jalil…

Superbugs: the Growing Threat of Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Doctors in Jordan are warning of a looming public health crisis posed by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. By Elizabeth Whitman The recent horrifying Ebola outbreak has distracted us from what is potentially a much larger threat to global public health: antibiotic-resistant bacteria….