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BR Communications

Communicating Within and Beyond Lebanon’s Business Environment

BR Communications advises SMEs and other business organizations to “be heard.” The business climate in Lebanon has seen its fair share of ebbs and flows: it is hard environment in which to do business, not only because of economic, political,…

Hacking Habits

The hyper-complexities of today’s interconnected world require us to adapt to life’s changing contexts and grow in meaningful ways to actualize our potential. This in turn requires objective examination of our habits, especially the negative patterns of thought and behavior….

Speaking Up

Public speaking can be intimidating for even the most confident of us. But there are ways to make it easier. By Jane Hosking The thought of standing up in front of a crowd can evoke feelings of dread and fear in…

Apps to Boost your Productivity

By Jane Hosking Being at your productive best can be a challenge, especially if you work in a fast-paced and high-pressure line of work. Here are five apps to help you become more organized and efficient. Wunderlist       …