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Online Security and Staying Safe

The tumultuous events of last year prove we need to be more vigilant about online security than ever before. By Zeid Nasser The United States accused Russia of hacking its presidential elections. Yahoo admitted 1 billion user accounts had been…

Telr-Made Solutions for Region’s E-Commerce

Online payment company Telr is hoping to speed up the adoption of e-commerce in the region by offering merchants unique, tailor-made solutions. By Dina Al-Wakeel Sirish Kumar, the co-founder and CEO of online payment gateway Telr, said his company is working…

E-Commerce Growth Driving Interest in Online Security

Jordan’s fast developing e-commerce market is convincing more companies to seek ways of making online transactions more secure, said Medhat Iskander, business development manager at payment solution provider BPC Banking Technologies. “Fraud happens when not enough security measures are implemented….