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Primus Primed

When Amer Nasereddin returned to Jordan in 1996 upon completing his studies at the University of Washington in Seattle, he quickly spotted a chance to put his business administration degree to good use. “I realized there were particular gaps in…

Easing EU Exports

The EU says its new Rules of Origin agreement with Jordan will give the Kingdom’s exports a much-needed boost and help ease the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis.  By Dina Al Wakeel Hosting hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees…

The Work Ahead for the ILO

The International Labour Organization’s newly-appointed regional chief has big plans to improve the lot of workers in Jordan over 2016 and beyond. By Rebecca Irvine With its mission to promote rights at work, encourage decent employment opportunities, enhance social protection,…

Jordan’s Gaping Gender Wage Gap

By Jane Hosking If men and women have the same job and do the same work, they should be paid the same wage, right? While this may seem like simple logic, the reality, however, is quite often a different story….