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Brands of Jordan

Brands of Jordan Part 2 Hikma Pharmaceuticals What is it? Hikma Pharmaceuticals is one of the top pharmaceutical brands in the region. Headquartered in London, the company specializes in developing, manufacturing, and marketing a broad range of injectables, branded pharmaceuticals,…

MAZEN DARWAZEH-MENA CEO of Hikma Pharmaceutical

Venture at 10-Mazen Darwazeh

Mazen Darwazeh: Vice-Chairman and MENA CEO of Hikma Date of Interview: October 2013 Hikma is one of a handful of Jordanian companies that can truly be considered world class. In the first half of 2013, its revenues reached $638.3 million….

Samih Darwazah: Losing a Legend

Samih Darwazah, the founder of Hikma Pharmaceuticals, died on Friday at the age 85. Long a towering figure in Jordan’s business community for creating such an important firm, he was also one of the country’s first pharmacists, and served both as…