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Game Over for Online Extremism?

As well as steadily losing territory in the real world, ISIS is also finding it increasingly hard to retain control of its digital domain across social networks and messenger apps. By Zeid Nasser Social media platforms continue to play a…

refugee crisis

Setting Priorities

While it appears unenthused about taking the simple steps needed to create a sovereign investment fund, the government has been more than happy to burn through foreign aid and rack up debt with little or nothing to show for it….

The Insurance Sector: Dealing with the Disarray

A recent buyout in Jordan’s fragmented and overcrowded insurance sector could mean some much needed market consolidation is finally underway. But even so, big challenges still loom large. By Dina al-Wakeel Over the summer, First Insurance, which provides services based…

Venture Explains: Canada’s Bill C-24

Becoming a Canadian citizen just got much tougher. What is it? Canadian lawmakers recently passed Bill C-24, or the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act. The controversial piece of legislation is designed to harden the rules around becoming a fully-fledged Canadian. For…