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refugee crisis

Setting Priorities

While it appears unenthused about taking the simple steps needed to create a sovereign investment fund, the government has been more than happy to burn through foreign aid and rack up debt with little or nothing to show for it….

refugee crisis

Let’s Capitalize on Cheap Oil

We could just sit on the huge savings we’re making from plunging oil prices. Or we could plough them into developing renewable energy sources that reduce our reliance on expensive and polluting fossil fuels. A quick calculation of the savings…

refugee crisis

Spotting Opportunities

Everyone agrees the coming year will be a tough one for the region’s economies. But some countries will fare much better than others because their decision makers were bold enough to seek out new opportunities and act upon them. By…

refugee crisis

Budget 2016: The Numbers Don’t Add Up

The forecasts contained within the government’s recently-unveiled 2016 budget bill fail to convince. By Khalid W. Wazani The government has yet again built a budget based on unrealistic assumptions. In 2016, the government expects a real growth rate of 3.7…

refugee crisis

Wasted Youth

Jordan’s economy might be improving, but youth unemployment remains a pressing challenge. By Khalid W. Wazani Every six months, the World Bank publishes the Jordan Economic Monitor. The wide-ranging report provides a snapshot of how the Kingdom’s economy is performing…

Freeing up the Fuel Market

Breaking Jordan’s fuel market monopoly was seen by many as a bold and necessary move. But besides the appearance of some modern, pristinely maintained gas stations, when are motorists likely to see the other promised benefits of the sector’s liberalization?…