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Beyond the PC and Tablet

After yet another year of falling sales, it now seems certain that PCs and tablets are quickly being pushed aside in favor of phablets, wearables, and an exciting future based around ambient computing. By Zeid Nasser The future of the…

Tablet Decline

In the fast-moving consumer tech world, the tablet computer market is already showing signs of fatigue. By Raed Malhas Tablet computers have been around for a lot longer than many think. They were first depicted in some of my favorite…

smart city

How Microsoft Got its Mojo Back

With the help of the feature-packed Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft is set to stage a major comeback. By Zeid Nasser Microsoft was the darling of the tech industry during the 80s and 90s. Infatuation with Bill Gates and his…

Mobile Word Processing Apps

Microsoft finally got around to releasing Office for the iPad earlier this year. The app has proved incredibly popular so far, with Microsoft reporting more than 12 million downloads within the first week of its appearance on the App Store….