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Int@j Announces “MENA ICT Forum 2022” Agenda

To elevate the digital journey of all participants and achieve more impact, int@j announces “MENA ICT Forum 2022” agenda and a service that allows all participants to communicate and arrange B2B meetings between each other. To increase the volume of…


Seize the 5G Opportunity

Since the 1980s, a new form of communications technology has emerged almost every 10 years. From fax machines to mobile telephones, to the internet and now 5G, every new development within the information and communications technology (ICT) sector has a…

Going Digital

Going Digital to Thrive

As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes the way in which we live, work, keep in touch, and shop for essentials, going digital is more important than ever. ICT infrastructure is the foundation of the digital world, and digital technology supported by…



Optimiza CEO Majed Sifri believes the best is yet to come for his company, the technology market, and Jordan. Optimiza is a Jordanian company that hardly needs an introduction. It’s a leading digital transformation solutions provider that supports hundredsof regional…

ORANGE Jordan: Connecting the Community

Venture caught Orange Jordan’s CEO Thierry Marigny for this interview where he talked about Orange’s latest product offerings, its fiber optic network, its business challenges and long-term plans for Jordan. Tell us about your personal journey in the telecom world….

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Women in tech

Although women are still facing major challenges in Jordan’s information and communications technology sector, they are upbeat about their future prospects. By Cesilia Faustina Tamara Abdul Jaber, the founder of ICT consulting firm Palma Consulting, summs up her view of…

Jordan Moves to Kick-Start Growth and Pare Back Debt

Jordan Moves to Kick-Start Growth and Pare Back Debt

The government is looking to reduce its debt burden and jumpstart the economy through a combination of budgetary adjustments, a new medium-term economic strategy, and international aid agreements. In mid-May, the Cabinet announced its decision to cut this year’s JD8.8…