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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Near Perfection, at a Price

The Galaxy S7 Edge is probably the best Android handset on the market. But don’t expect its stunning performance to come cheaply. By Omar Sufan Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge at the Mobile World Congress in…

Gemalto Jordan e-ID card

Gemalto Chosen to Introduce e-ID Program

International digital security firm Gemalto said it’s been selected by the Ministry of ICT to implement a new citizen ID program across Jordan. Amsterdam-based Gemalto said in a statement it’s been tasked with delivering e-ID cards as well as automatic…

LG G4: The Flagship to Beat

With the release of the range-topping G4, LG’s competitors will need to up their game. By Sadad Talhouni Since it released the game-changing G2 back in 2013, LG has managed to consistently deliver exceptional upgrades to its flagship handset line….