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EU and Jordan

A New Chapter In EU-Jordan Trade Cooperation

In his book the Wealth of Nations, famous economist Adam Smith wrote that “every man lives by exchanging.” In the case of the collaboration between EU and Jordan it is constant exchange that helps our relationship grow stronger. On the occasion…

Jordanian manufacturers

EU Export Guide Launched for Jordanian Manufacturers

A new how-to guide has been launched for Jordanian manufacturers wanting to start exporting to the European Union, which recently eased its rules of origin for products made in the Kingdom as part of efforts to mitigate the impact of…

Jordan Compact

The Jordan Compact: One Year on

The Jordan Compact has no doubt helped the Kingdom better cope with the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis. But for it to truly live up to its promise, some changes will need to be made. By Shaddin Al Masri…


Breathing Life into the Badia

An ambitious project is underway to make Jordan’s arid areas bloom again while creating a new green economy in the process. The Sahara Forest Project is a Norwegian social enterprise that aims to bring together the latest green technology to…


Unemployment hits 18.2 percent after methodology overhaul

Unemployment in Jordan reached 18.2 percent in the first quarter of the year after the Department of Statistics introduced a new methodology for calculating joblessness that now includes migrants and refugees, and any unpaid jobs and trainings. The figure, which…

refugee crisis

Playing the Long Game

If we want our economy to prosper, we need to start planning for the long-term.


EBRD Could Boost Investment to 150 Million Euros This Year

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) said it could invest as much as 150 million euros in Jordan in 2017, up from 120 million euros the previous year. “Last year’s target started off with 120 million euros that…

Deutschen Bank

Deutsche in Danger?

Deutsche Bank has been slapped with a $14 billion fine over a charge it mis-sold US mortgage securities. The case has raised worrying questions about the stability of the global financial giant. By Venture staff Deutsche Bank is one of…

The US State Department's Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs Ziad Haider

Bringing Business to Jordan

A senior US trade official says American companies can play a crucial role in the Kingdom’s economic development. By Dina al Wakeel Last month, The US State Department’s Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs, Ziad Haider, headed a major…

Minister of Finance Omar Malhas on Jordan's Economy in 2017

The Economy in 2017

Jordan’s Finance Minister, Omar Malhas, says the country will have to make some tough economic choices in 2017. By Dina Al Wakeel Jordan’s public debt now stands at almost 95 percent of GDP, and unemployment is running at around 16…