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refugee crisis

Empowering the Regions

All of Jordan’s governorates, not just Amman and Aqaba, hold huge economic potential. The challenge facing us is how to unleash it. By Khalid Wazani How bad is income inequality in Jordan? Is it fair to say its economy is…

Jordan Gate

Resurrecting Jordan Gate

After a delay lasting years, work is finally set to resume this month on Amman’s Jordan Gate. But critics of the controversial mega project still question whether it should have left the drawing board. By Laith Abou-Ragheb Work on the…

refugee crisis

Cutting the IMF Chord

Having just signed up to yet another IMF assistance program, isn’t it about time we began relying less on the international lender and more on our own government to tackle deep-rooted economic problems? It took Jordan almost 16 years to…

Loay Malahmeh, Founder of 3Dmena which oversees Fab Labs

Building Tomorrow

Jordan is about to get its first set of Fab Labs, community makerspaces which offer everyone the chance to use hi-tech manufacturing tools to create pretty much anything. By Laith Abou-Ragheb What if anyone with a great idea for a…

Kamal Alhmoud

Gardens in the Sky

With scant few green spaces in our increasingly crowded cities, a new company is using cutting edge horticulture to create gardens on our roof tops. By Camilla Caraccio Jordan is not well known for its lush nature, and the rapid urbanization…


Venture at 10: Khaled Toukan

Khaled Toukan, Chairman of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) Date of the Interview: May 2014 In May 2014, just as the debate around Jordan’s nuclear power program was reaching its zenith, Venture spoke to Khaled Toukan, chairman of the JAEC….

Bahaa Hariri, Horizon Chairman

Venture at 10: Bahaa Hariri

Bahaa Hariri, Horizon Chairman Date of Interview: April 2008 The Hariri name is synonymous with construction and real estate development in our region. Bahaa Hariri, who inherited his father Rafik’s banking, real estate tourism, telecommunications, and media ventures in 2005,…

Ayla Oasis

Ayla Oasis Development Company Presents Project in Abu Dhabi

Ayla Oasis Development Company (AODC), one of the largest tourism and real estate development companies in the Kingdom of Jordan, participated in the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Jordanian Businessmen Council in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Organised under the patronage…


A Map by the People, for the People

The advocacy campaign Ma’an Nasel recently released Amman’s first ever comprehensive public transportation map. This is a significant development in terms of helping people navigate the city and showcasing what true urban activism can achieve. By Hazem Zureiqat On March…