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Seagulls: A Changing World

The city of the future will rely on connectivity, technology and innovation and Seagulls aims to be part of this change. Information circulates quicker than ever today, and capturing people’s attention is an increasingly difficult task. And as the world…

Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara

The Evolution of Umniah

Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara is overseeing an ambitious plan to transform his company from a mere mobile operator into a complete digital service provider. Umniah set up shop in Jordan in 2005, breaking the duopoly that had existed in the…

The 4G Fight Begins

With the recent issuance of a 4G license to Umniah, the battle for market share amongst Jordan’s big three mobile operators is set to get livelier than ever. Increased competition should prove a boon for consumers in terms faster Internet…

Internet of Things

Technology trends don’t come more dazzling or daunting than the Internet of Things. In simple terms, it involves virtually every object around you, whether an alarm clock or a mid-sized family sedan, being hooked up to the Internet via sensors….