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smart city

Retailers and the Digital Sales Switch

Bricks and mortar retailers must develop an online presence if they want to keep hold of customers that are steadily drifting online. A Study by the US National Retail Federation found that 59 percent of shoppers plan to make online…

economic growth

Senior Banker Eyes Continued Global Economic Growth

With rising corporate and consumer confidence in most major economies and little upward pressure on prices, global economic growth is expected to continue, said Chief Economist and Strategist Xavier Denis at the Societe Generale private banking conference in November. The…

refugee crisis

The Value of Good Service

Countries over the world fully grasp the important role good services can play in the development of strong and competitive economies. So why doesn’t Jordan? In the current division of economic development stages for nations, only those with outstanding service…

Muin Qadadeh, Manseer’s deputy chairman

Manaseer Plans $1 billion Integrated Potash and Phosphate Facility

The Manaseer Group recently signed a land lease agreement with the Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) to build an integrated potash and phosphate complex at the Red Sea resort. Muin Qadadeh, Manseer’s deputy chairman, said the facility, which is set to…

January to April Visitors Increase Up to 12.5 Percent

In a further sign of a turnaround in Jordan’s tourism sector, the number of visitors to the Kingdom rose 12.5 percent during the first four months of the year. The overall number of tourists reached 1.639 million between January and…

LG CEO Shadi Ramzi al Majali

LG: Plugging into Demand

Jordan’s electrical appliances market has grown rapidly over recent years, as the cost of products like widescreen TVs and washing machines dropped and their availability increased. New Vision, the distributor of LG products in the Kingdom, has helped develop this…

US President Donald Trump

Trump’s Grand Plan

President Trump has started to put his campaign promises into action. What should we expect? By Venture Staff Among the chaos of the new Trump administration lies the most important economic policies that have yet to be implemented. Prior to…

Cyber Warfare

Venture Explains: Cyber Warfare

What is it? Now and in the future, scores between competing world powers will increasingly be settled online, rather than on the conventional battlefield. Countries like the United States, China, and Russia are pouring billions into sophisticated cyber warfare programs….

Saxo Bank: 10 Outrageous Predictions for 2017

Saxo Bank’s 10 Outrageous Predictions for 2017

Will this be the year when China exceeds growth expectations, Brexit turns into Bremain, the Mexican peso soars, and Italian banks turn out to be the best performing equity asset class? Saxo Bank, the online multi-asset trading and investment specialist,…

Deutschen Bank

Deutsche in Danger?

Deutsche Bank has been slapped with a $14 billion fine over a charge it mis-sold US mortgage securities. The case has raised worrying questions about the stability of the global financial giant. By Venture staff Deutsche Bank is one of…