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Emergeast launching its first NFT exhibition META MENA

Emergeast – the MENA region’s leading online art gallery is launching its first NFT exhibition, META MENA, curated by renowned NFT artistAli Sabet. Emergeast is pleased to present its inaugural NFT exhibition, MENA MENA, going live on 7 November 2021….

LG Electronics

Market Leader LG Electronics Perfects the Art of Essence

Integrating Aesthetics and Intuitive Usability: Market Leader LG Electronics Perfects the Art of Essence At this year’s IFA, the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, competition was fierce, with the globe’s top tech companies unveiling their latest…

Endeavor Chairman Calls for Creative Industry Body

While Jordan isn’t lacking in creative talent, attracting investment for media and art business ventures is no easy task. In order to grow the Kingdom’s creative economy, an industry body is needed to fight its corner, said Ali al-Husry, chairman…

Azkadenya Eyes Regional Expansion

As part of an aggressive regional expansion drive, Jordan’s Eat Restaurant Group opened a flagship branch of its popular Azkadenya chain in Dubai last month. The new branch, which is located in a shopping mall in the city’s high-end Jumeirah…