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Jamalon: Doing Things by the Book

Jamalon began as a family-driven operation in 2010 but has become a leading distribution line for publishers in the region and an online marketplace for thousands of Arabic and English books. By: Nada Atieh Like many entrepreneurial success stories, Jamalon…

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Step Away From your Screens

A campaign against spending too much time in front of screens is gaining momentum, particularly among activist parents seeking to counter what they believe to be their children’s device addiction. While this situation is totally understandable, and has been an…

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Are companies equipped to excel in customer experience?

Living in this new digitally driven age has presented both businesses and consumers with more challenges and more opportunities. With customers bombarded by the chaos of thousands of brands daily, the core test remains; differentiation through service excellence (customer experience)….

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GDPR: A New Dawn for Data Privacy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will give EU citizens a much greater say over how their personal data is used. Expect the rest of the world to follow suit. In the last two weeks of May, your mailbox was…

Yahsat Delivers

Yahsat was founded in 2007 with a mission to connect people through satellite communications at an affordable price. “Social equality and economic security cannot be achieved without effective and affordable communication,” said Najat Abdulrahman, Executive Vice President of Global Strategic…


Retail Giants: The Age of Amazon

Despite Trump’s tweets, there’s little stopping the onward march of Jeff Bezos’s technology giant. Compared to the retail giants of the world, Amazon is bigger than the 13 combined global retailers including the likes of Walmart, Costco, Target, Tesco and…

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered: Banking on Jordan’s future

The regional CEO of Standard Chartered says his bank is in Jordan for the long haul. One of the UK’s biggest banks, Standard Chartered entered Jordan’s banking sector in 2000 when it acquired ANZ Grindlays’ operations in the Kingdom. Standard…

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Is it time to unfriend Facebook?

We urgently need to wake to the reality that Facebook has been allowed to hoover up our data unhindered for too long. The latest revelation that Facebook allowed a British data analytics firm to harvest the personal information of more…

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Women in tech

Although women are still facing major challenges in Jordan’s information and communications technology sector, they are upbeat about their future prospects. By Cesilia Faustina Tamara Abdul Jaber, the founder of ICT consulting firm Palma Consulting, summs up her view of…