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Water Supply

Together, For a Healthy, Abundant Water Supply

Leadership. Excellence. Innovation. These words are easily claimed as part of a company’s vision for itself and words that most organizations strive to turn into reality but that few actually do. At the European water operator MIYA, these words are…

Water Scarcity

Meeting the Challenge of Water Scarcity

The global population is increasing. Climate change warnings are escalating. Efficient use of resources is becoming even more crucial. One of those resources is water, where concerns are growing over access to clean, safe and sufficient sources. And while many parts…

The Cloud

Harnessing the Power of the Cloud

MenaITech is Shaping the HR industry in the Region with Cloud Technology Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, the founder of MenaITech, is considered one of the region’s pioneers in the IT, HR, and intellectual property fields. For 17 years, Bashar has helmed…

Fine Hygienic Holding

Fine Hygienic Holding: The Business of Wellness

Since 1958, Fine Hygienic Holding has stood as an industry leader, consistently breaking barriers and progressing to become one of the world’s leading Wellness Groups and manufacturer of hygienic paper products, with exports reaching 80 countries around the globe. In…


Despite Their Struggles, MENA’s Millennials Are Transforming The Region

Based on the findings of region-wide survey “#Millennials”, Ipsos results reveal that this generation, while facing challenges, is bringing about major change. Millennials in MENA have unprecedented connectivity levels, with 97% having access to the internet, and 94% are on…

customer experience

Are companies equipped to excel in customer experience?

Living in this new digitally driven age has presented both businesses and consumers with more challenges and more opportunities. With customers bombarded by the chaos of thousands of brands daily, the core test remains; differentiation through service excellence (customer experience)….

Sharpe ratio

Sharpe Ratios Of Jordanian SME Loans

Some casual critics, the idea of investment returns seems somehow unfair: investors, they take it, are being paid for already having money. More sophisticated observers realize that, in fact, what investors are compensated for is taking risk — that is,…