Alternative Tobacco Products – An Innovative Vision for The Industry

Although most people believe that nicotine is responsible for smoking-related diseases, scientific research has recently presented alternative findings that reversed these beliefs. Research has proven that the process of burning tobacco through traditional cigarettes is, in fact, the leading cause of smoking-related diseases.

Consequently, scientific advancement backed by the latest technology has made it possible to create better alternatives for adult smokers, although not entirely risk-free. These products serve two categories of adult smokers, adults who want to quit but haven’t succeeded in doing so and adult smokers who have no intention of quitting that view these products as a better alternative that lower their consumption of traditional cigarettes.

It is worth noting that the tobacco burning process resulting from traditional cigarettes produces more than 6000 harmful chemicals. 1% of these chemicals possibly cause smoking-related diseases such as lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and emphysema.

A range of products has been developed to eradicate the process of burning tobacco and provide a better alternative. These new products use a heating process that produces aerosol containing nicotine and provide a sensory experience that mimics the taste and flavor of nicotine for adult smokers. These products are better alternatives, but no risk-free.

To further clarify matters, when a traditional cigarette is lit, it immediately begins to burn at a temperature of at least 600 °C. In contrast, alternative products using the heating system heat tobacco up to 350 °C, and no tobacco burns in the process, nor is any smoke or ash produced. Alternative smoke-free products have significantly lower harmful chemicals levels than traditional cigarettes, but this does not necessarily mean that it is risk-free.

To conclude, the heating system provides a technologically advanced alternative that is a better alternative to traditional cigarettes. Although it still contain nicotine, which may lead to addiction, nicotine is not the main element that causes smoking-related diseases. The sustainability of these alternatives is made possible through various regulatory and legislative frameworks who also make these products accessible to millions of adult smokers worldwide.

Health Warning: This product is addictive and harmful to health. For adult use only.

This article is sponsored by Philip Morris Jordan.