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Expanding the Shift to Alternative Products is One Way to Achieve a Smoke-Free Future

In order to provide better options for adult smokers who wish to quit traditional smoking, it has become necessary to enhance the shift toward alternative tobacco products.

By providing smokers with information, data, and scientifically proven evidence from trusted authorities, they will be more empowered to make informed decisions about their health. For adult smokers who don’t necessarily want to quit smoking, this step would allow them to have better access to alternative, smoke-free products. Whether based on heating or vaping technologies, these products eliminate the burning process, and present an opportunity for a paradigm shift in the habits of smokers around the world.

One of the main differences between alternative products and traditional cigarettes is that alternative products, although not completely risk-free, eliminate the burning process: it is this process of burning tobacco, at 600 degrees Celsius, that is the main source of harmful chemicals in traditional cigarettes. Roughly 100 of these chemicals released through the burning process are associated with smoking-related diseases. Products that eliminate burning release fewer of these chemicals, and contain fewer of them in their composition.

Therefore, the relevant authorities are invited to help encourage adult smokers to reduce the risks associated with smoking and smoking-related diseases, and to urge those who cannot quit to switch to alternative products with modified risks. Switching to these products would reduce the volume of emissions of toxic substances when compared to traditional cigarettes.

Accordingly, imposing different legislative policies for alternative products compared to those for traditional products, accompanied by appropriate tax policies, would help expand the options for better alternatives to traditional cigarettes. While not completely risk-free, they are a step in the right direction.

Already, more adult smokers are turning away from traditional cigarettes and switching to these alternative products.

Health Warning: This product is addictive and harmful to health.

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