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MenaITech is Shaping the HR industry in the Region with Cloud Technology

Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, the founder of MenaITech, is considered one of the region’s pioneers in the IT, HR, and intellectual property fields. For 17 years, Bashar has helmed the MenaITech operation from its humble beginnings in Jordan to where it is today; the leading provider of human capital information systems, serving over 2,500 enterprises across 25 countries. Venture Magazine spoke to Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, Founder and CEO of MenaITech about the state of HR in the region, their shift to SaaS and how cloud technology is playing a bigger role, and the impacts of the pandemic on how businesses are operating now.

How has the pandemic affected your industry?

For years, we have been talking about the need for organizations to digitally transform, particularly when it comes to their HR operations. Many companies around the region have already invested in this transformation and HR systems, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case for a greater number of organizations. When lockdowns were imposed, companies were scrambling to deal with their people remotely and had serious problems with processing payroll and staying connected during this time.

The pandemic has shown us that companies need to have a solid HR infrastructure that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Not just in difficult circumstances, but also companies can take advantage of good times and truly live up to their potential. This is where cloud technology really shines, the ability to still work securely and efficiently.

How is MenaITech pushing for the regions HR digital transformation?

MenaITech has been actively conducting virtual events and activities to promote digital transformation across the entire region. We have been engaging heads of organizations and businesses at these virtual events to show them how digital transformation can impact their operations. At the same time, we have been heavily promoting our cloud and SaaS technology to a wider range of sectors and industries. We have also been implementing training program for existing clients in addition to fresh college graduates and young HR professionals to start building up the capacities of people in the region. With the greater emphasis on remote work in the modern workspace, we emphasized the power of self-service HR platforms to support all organizations impacted by the new workplace restrictions.

Can you go into details about these cloud solutions?

We offer a comprehensive range of SaaS Human Capital management solutions for organizations and businesses across the entire spectrum, from small businesses to multinational corporations and government institutions to non-profits. MenaITech offers its clients complete end-to-end human capital information technology solutions and services over the cloud including payroll and personnel management, HR dashboards, data and analytics, time and attendance, and many other services.

Why should companies start looking at cloud HR?

Cloud HR solutions provide companies with many benefits. Firstly, it is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require expensive servers or hardware to function. Secondly, the impact on the business has been measured in hundreds of case studies — When a company provides its HR team with technology, it cuts down on HR operational costs, paper consumption and cuts down on processing errors. Moreover, overall productivity will increase because employees will be empowered to focus on their jobs versus being stuck in HR paperwork or bureaucracy. HR Cloud solutions also give management accurate data so they can make better decisions on the strategy of their workforce. SaaS technology is also more accessible to a wider group of companies and organizations. Companies with 10 employees can utilize this technology and only pay per the number of users, so it is no longer a service that only large companies can afford.

Where is MenaITech expanding?

MenaITech’s push into a SaaS model allows us to expand our product offering and also provide a better value proposition to our clients in terms of more cost-effective solutions. We are partnering with clients to drive innovation within their organization and they are seeing us as long term technology partners who can be relied on to empower their workforce. There is great demand in these markets for localized cloud HR management tools, and as companies grow in sophistication and further digitize their operations, they look for a partner like MenaITech who is able to manage their requirements.

What is MenaITech investing in when it comes to cloud services?

We continuously invest in two primary areas, research and development to increase the functionalities and user-experience of our cloud solutions and our people to ensure our talent and expertise are unsurpassed so they can deliver these solutions seamlessly. Positioning ourselves as the premier provider of cloud HR solutions in the entire region. We have the market position, reputation and the expertise to give our clients the platforms they need to help them make the most of the modern workplace.

Final thoughts on the current state of HR in the region?

Instead of being weary of technology or worrying that it will replace people, we have to start looking at it as a tool that will change how we work and provide even better quality jobs. Cloud HR is the tool that frees your employees­­­­­ to go on and do greater things within your organization. In many ways, the global pandemic has sped up digital transformation, but I believe companies need to adopt an even more long-term proactive approach: This technology is your infrastructure that holds up your people. Invest in it and you invest in them.