Seize the 5G Opportunity

Since the 1980s, a new form of communications technology has emerged almost every 10 years. From fax machines to mobile telephones, to the internet and now 5G, every new development within the information and communications technology (ICT) sector has a significant impact on the development of society, as well as the economy. The rollout of 5G will only have the most significant impact to date.

The development of communications technology has become a key element in our society. Not only does it keep us connected to family and friends, it enables businesses to thrive and keeps society running a smoothly as possible. As the next evolution of communications networks, 5G will make connectivity faster and more reliable. This, in turn, will speed up socio-economic digital transformation in Jordan, enabling not only a stronger economy, but digitally enabling key infrastructures such as highways and emergency services, as well as powering industries in their adoption of the newest technologies that enhance productivity – such as artificial intelligence (AI).

5G is the new engine that boosts transformation, enabling the realization of smart cities, smart transportation, smart healthcare, and so much more. Augmented by cloud and AI, 5G can transform and redefine every industry to play a key role in driving economic transformation and development.

Jordan is preparing for a wide-scale 5G rollout. The transition requires a new round of investment in the digital field, however the results will be substantial: 5G has the potential to boost business innovation, increase gross consumption, and propel industrial development by facilitating the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. All of these can lead to an increase in Jordan’s gross domestic product (GDP), contributing to a more robust and digitally enabled economy.

Additionally, the development of 5G can create more employment opportunities. One advantage of 5G is that it can increase industry efficiency, thereby creating more high-knowledge job opportunities – especially for people skilled in the field of ICT and technology in general. Jordan’s government places high value on education, and there are numerous academies and programs available to enhance skills in the field of ICT across the country, as well as competitions to encourage youth to pursue a career within this dynamic and exciting field.

A knock-on effect of 5G will also see job creation in adjacent fields, including equipment production, information services, e-commerce, e-services, and many more.

As recent months have demonstrated during the global COVID-19 pandemic, 5G not only assists in the development of the transportation and industrial sectors, but in the medical sector, too. With the speed and reliability of 5G, medical professionals and researchers around the world have been aided in their fight against the spread and treatment of the novel coronavirus, by enabling new solutions that have aided in hospitals and laboratories alike. From robots administering critical care and protecting doctors and nurses by limiting exposure, to artificial intelligence helping to speed up diagnoses and the search for a vaccine, 5G has played a part in the global efforts to stop COVID-19.

According to a recent study conducted by Oxford Economics and Huawei, 5G is expected to result in a US$2-4 trillion cumulative real GDP boost by 2030. At 70% adoption rate, AI is also estimated to contribute USD13–15 trillion (cumulatively from 2020) to global GDP by 2030. In a high-digitalization scenario, the global digital economy could grow to account for 24.3% of the global GDP by 2025, which equates to USD23 trillion.

By seizing the immense opportunities presented by 5G, Jordan can begin to enjoy a boosted economy and business environment made stronger by a robust digital ecosystem. 5G means more than faster connectivity – it means paving the way towards a digitally-enabled society in which people and businesses have the chance to thrive.

By Zhang Liang, General Manager of Huawei Jordan