Going Digital

Going Digital to Thrive

As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes the way in which we live, work, keep in touch, and shop for essentials, going digital is more important than ever.

ICT infrastructure is the foundation of the digital world, and digital technology supported by ICT is the cornerstone to fighting the pandemic. Digital technologies such as big data, AI and cloud computing supported by ICT networks are crucial to monitor and analyze the pandemic, track the virus, and allocate resources. In addition to assisting the fight against the pandemic, these digital technologies have also been applied in other areas, such as helping businesses tackle their problems and safeguarding normal social activities. Holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Texas, and a seasoned leader in the telecommunication and information technology industry, Dr. Amr Abu-Suleiman Orange Jordan B2B Marketing Director is here to talk about the role of Orange, as Jordan’s leading ICT solutions provider, in helping the Jordanian business scene overcoming the consequences of COVID-19.

How did Orange Jordan help mitigate the consequences of COVID-19 in the Jordanian business scene?

Cybersecurity remained a priority during the nationwide lockdown, due to a global surge in cyberattacks using COVID-19 as a bait. The omnipresent threat had our teams galvanized into actions, first by communicating with each enterprise customer on the gravity of the situation, and second by offering custom solutions that ensure optimal levels of cybersecurity.

Our prime concern was setting up workers with the necessary tools and bracing businesses for drastic changes in ways of communication and work.

With entrenched business models, we mobilized our networks, teams, and services to enable a seamless transition from traditional to 100% digital working experiences by providing End-to-End managed security services, secure VPN connections, safe Virtual Desktop infrastructure (VDI), collaboration tools, and real-time communication. And as we enter the new chapter of digital working experiences, Orange Jordan has partnered with Avaya Holdings Corporation to present our customers with Avaya Spaces, a cloud-based solution that integrates voice, video, tasks, and sharing in one app which is accessible from mobile phone or web browser. 

Going Digital
Dr. Amr Abu-Suleiman Orange Jordan B2B Marketing Director
In terms of enabling corporate communication with clients, how did digital solutions fare?

Our business continuity plans were reflected externally and internally, mainly through several key partnerships with existing and new enterprise and business customers, such as the recently signed agreement with Al Eqbal Real Estate, the developer of Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Residence, becoming the exclusive telecom provider for the hotel.

Enterprise and business customers benefitted greatly from Orange IVR service which allowed customers to interact via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition.

Amid strict protective measures, we offered businesses our e-wallet, Orange Money, to bring the comfort of safe, easy, and secure payments. Our bulk, and profiled SMS services granted businesses ways of communicating with customers while adhering to national directives.

More than ever, connectivity has gained relevance as the foundation for all that is digital. Orange Jordan offered customers “Business Everywhere” service at special rates to stay connected at all times.

Dr. Amr Abu-Suleiman
What changes spurred by COVID-19 do you expect to stay?

The crisis is not completely over. With the gradual return of employees to the workplace, Orange Jordan is offering a wide array of detection tools such as thermal cameras to help identify suspected cases.

The rapid and unprecedented shifts to digital modes have proven a lifeline for businesses in the wake of the pandemic. Nonetheless, they indicate the necessity of redefining business models and leveraging digital technologies not only to adapt but also to thrive.

In a post-coronavirus world, we expect strategies and ecosystems that promote flexibility, resilience and adaptability to be a perquisite for any business.

As the Kingdom’s digital partner, Orange Jordan has been proponent of an accelerated digital transformation and we will continue to support the business sector in exploring new areas of growth, in order to enhance socio-economic development that would eventually touch the lives of all Jordanians.