Seagulls: A Changing World

The city of the future will rely on connectivity, technology and innovation and Seagulls aims to be part of this change.

Information circulates quicker than ever today, and capturing people’s attention is an increasingly difficult task. And as the world continues to change and technology keeps marching forward, it has become important for businesses and organizations to pursue new communication strategies that connect people to their brands—both online and offline.

Seagulls Sales & Marketing Director, Eyad Halabi, aims to build on the strong momentum Seagulls has built up over the years.

25 years is a long time for a business to run. What keeps Seagulls going?

Since 1995, Seagulls has expanded its media solutions to cover a diverse array of platforms like broadcast radio and retail advertising- to name a few, across Jordan.

The common thread throughout our 25 years of operation has been our staunch belief in the need for continuous innovation—it is how we consistently help our partners achieve their objectives in the most efficient and intelligent ways we know.

What kind of innovations have recently been adopted by Seagulls?

We kickstarted the 2020s by introducing our Digital Out of Home (D/OOH) line for the first time in Jordan. Seagulls’ Digital Series consists of 80 digital billboards—50 DS2 units and 30 DS8 units—strategically located in the heart of Amman in hand-picked, high-traffic locations.

The units were designed, with both aesthetic and impact in mind, to the highest possible technical specifications—some of the highest in the region. And we are immensely proud of our local Seagulls workforce who has proven their ability to adapt and learn new technologies seamlessly to bring this ambitious project to life in record time.

What does The Digital Series bring to the table that other platforms don’t?

These digital units are built to accommodate the everchanging advertising ecosystem. In the near future they can be programmatically booked which makes them more accessible to smaller business with smaller budgets. 

I want to make it clear that we will be offering advertising opportunities for new businesses, and not cater only for large companies and big corporations—we want to democratize out of home advertising.

Optimizing digital technologies in Out of Home (OOH) platforms is a long journey, but we hope this project elevates the media scene in Jordan and bolsters Seagulls’ role as a catalyst of the Jordanian economy as we act as the interface between people and brands.

Which brands will benefit the most from The Digital Series?

We perceive big brands as our backbone and strategic partners in any media we develop. This though, should not stop us from catering to small budget advertisers. They are also important, in fact now more than ever, with the programmatic capabilities that will be able to offer them.

With democratization, we aim to accommodate more budgets and sectors. Home grown retail concepts and young startups require a more targeted approach that matches their limited budgets, we will be able to assist in that area and help them achieve their business objectives.

Beyond advertising, are there any other benefits to introducing Digital Out of Home in Jordan?

Imagine real-time, city-wide safety notifications, or a billboard telling you there is an ambulance behind you, or that it would rain in 15 minutes…this is how we envision a smarter Amman. And as with all our platforms, The Digital Series will help us further amplify the causes we believe in, from road safety and transportation to health awareness and environmental responsibility.

How do you see The Digital Series and Digital Out of Home going into the future?

D/OOH is playing an increasingly important part in an increasingly urbanized world. Places like Times Square in New York and Piccadilly Circus in London would lose a lot of character and identity without their colorful digital billboards. And we cannot wait to see how Amman utilizes this new platform to its advantage from both a creative perspective and a smart one. Combining technology and innovation will help businesses prosper, elevate customer experiences, and bring us closer to shaping a smarter Amman.