Official Partnership: UK firm Solar Water Plc and JPMC

The British Ambassador Edward Oakden, hosted on Tuesday a signing ceremony of the official partnership between the UK firm Solar Water Plc and the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC).

The ceremony was held to celebrate one of the largest UK technology exports in recent years and the first since UK’s exit from the European Union. Solar Water Plc has been selected by Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC) to produce low cost, environmentally friendly water  and supply fresh water to its phosphate plant on the Gulf of Aqaba.

The project promises to revolutionize the water desalination process, helping solve one of the country’s most pressing problem – access to fresh water. The technology provides a major breakthrough in helping to solve the world’s growing water shortages while being completely carbon neutral and sustainable. Its unique technology is based on nature’s own hydrological cycle – evaporation, condensation, precipitation. This means that seawater desalination no longer has to be costly, polluting and unsustainable. We will be able to produce unlimited amounts of pure clean water without harming marine life.

For the next 25 years, freshwater will be supplied by a Solar WaterTM desalinator dome, positioned right next to the JPMC plant. Work will start this spring, and we expect the desalinator to begin supplying freshwater by mid-2021.

“Ground-breaking science, high technology, environmentally friendly, meeting a real business need. What more could we ask from this latest UK-Jordan business deal, signed this morning, within a few working hours of Britain’s exit from the European Union? Today’s agreement, between the UK’s Solar Water PLC and Jordan’s largest exporter, the Jordanian Phosphate Mining Company, involves ground breaking technology of potentially wide application throughout the region to combat climate change.”

British Ambassador to Jordan, Edward Oakden commenting on the project.

“We are proud of our Jordanian partnership with JPMC, Jordan’s largest exporter. This is sustainability in action, solving freshwater needs through our uniquely carbon neutral technology.   We are committed to solve some of the freshwater shortages answering the global call for zero carbon neutral solutions in the provision of freshwater.  We look forward to further involvement with Jordan and its people. ”

CEO of Solar Water Plc, David Reavley stated.

About Solar Water Plc

Solar Water Plc is the provider of breakthrough, innovative technology for the generation of fresh water in a carbon neutral and completely sustainable manner, utilizing the concentrating power of sunlight. The technology will help reverse climate change as it can displace some traditional carbon inefficient technologies and will help the development of carbon sinks. In January 2018, Solar Water Plc received the prestigious Rushlight Water Treatment Award at a ceremony held at the Royal Geographical Society, London. This was in recognition of the project being a world first for carbon neutral hydro-infrastructure.