The Queen’s Birthday Party 2019 in Jordan

The British Embassy Amman hosted the Queen’s Birthday Party last night

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II turned 93 on 21 April, but the Queen’s birthday is officially celebrated on the second Saturday in June each year. For this reason The British Embassy in Amman celebrated on 19 June.

HE Ambassador Edward Oakden and the British Embassy team were honored to host over 700 guests at the celebration, including members of government, civil society institutions, business and the diplomatic community in Amman.

Building on themes highlighted when his majesty King Abdullah visited the United Kingdom as part of the London Initiative as well as the work the Embassy did over the last twelve months, Ambassador Oakden highlighted the close relationship enjoyed by the United Kingdom and Jordan. Speaking last night, he said.

“It has been a great year for the bilateral relationship. In late February, His Majesty the King, Prime Minister Razzaz, eight Ministers and some 200 Jordanian businessmen headed to the UK for the London Conference. Together, we painted a vision of a future Jordanian economy enabled by educational reform to beat the international competition, and to create lasting jobs and sustainable growth.Some 40 countries and international financial institutions participated and made clear their support. It was a truly cooperative enterprise; whose real fruits will be seen not this year or even next, but over the coming 5-10 years. Both the UK and Jordan have much work ahead to implement this; and we could not more strongly support Prime Minister Razzaz’s Government as they strive to do so.”Ambassador Oakden

With one eye on the last 12 months but another on the upcoming Bahrain Conference, the Ambassador added“Britain will remain steadfast in Jordan’s support whether on the security front, the economic front or the political, where the UK has made very clear our support for a Two State Solution, for the Right Of Return, for UNRWA, and for Jerusalem’s status to be left for the final negotiations in a way that allows it to be the future capital of both Israel and Palestine. There can be no place for annexation.” 

Queen's birthday

As guests enjoyed the music provided band of the Jordanian Armed Forces, the jazz trio and bugler from the Corps of Army Music and the drummers of the Royal Mercians, they were able to enjoy another anniversary as the British Council celebrated 70 years in Jordan. Their interactive display showed how they have been helping increase access to English lessons for displaced and marginalized young people as well as supporting upskilling youth for the work place and showing improvements to the IELTS program that delivers “The World’s Favourite English Exam”