100th Anniversary of BAUHAUS School

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of “Bauhaus”, the international school of thoughts originating in Germany, the Goethe-Institut presents a series of lectures, films, virtual reality and social gatherings. Three evenings during the month of Ramadan will be dedicated to the topic of Bauhaus architecture in Jordan, Bauhaus Films and Dance in Bauhaus.

The interdisciplinary events call on everybody interested to learn more about the school of Bauhaus and some of its most prominent as well as less known ideas. It also invites to come together around a Bauhaus-influenced Iftar table. Jordanian artist, Ahmad Salameh, will design a menu that combines the traditions of fasting and the ideas of Bauhaus. 

“Bauhaus is mostly famous with architects and designers around the world, having influenced the practice of modern architecture and design worldwide. But Bauhaus was and is much more than this. It created a school of ideas initiating experimenting in arts, design and architectures as well as in education and creation. It highlighted the importance of connecting modern manufacturing and technology with art and society.” says Laura Hartz, director of the Goethe-Institut in Jordan.

The Iftars-Series consists of three individual events, which together will give an insight into the diversity of the Bauhaus School. It will start with the lecture “Bauhaus: From Weimar to Amman” by Jordanian Professor Rami Daher, who will show how Bauhaus design principles were perceived and implemented in Amman. The second event will be presented by the German film curator Christian Hiller, who will talk about the backgrounds and outcomes of the experimental approach on films of the Bauhaus.

The series will conclude with the third event and a dance performance by the German choreographer and dancer Marie-Lena Kaiser. She will develop a piece inspired by Bauhaus with three Jordanian dancers, which will be performed live. The main program will be complemented by film-screenings and the Virtual Reality exhibition “Virtual Bauhaus”.

This program is organized in cooperation with SABE (The School of Architecture and Built Environment of the German-Jordanian University) and will take place at its campus in Jabal Amman.

The event is free-entrance and public for all to attend. Registration is required for the Iftar only. This is done through Facebook event page facebook.com/goetheinstitut.amman. The rest of the program does not need registration.