Al-Sughayer: Ahed Bloc Proposing Solutions for Traders in Amman

The Ahed bloc candidates for the Amman Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors is ready to take on the challenges and concerns of merchants in Downtown Amman and Jabal Al Hussein

Bloc member Falah Al-Sughayer commented in a press statement that problems facing merchants in Downtown Amman and Jabal Al Hussein are ongoing issues.

These issues have vital consequences contributing to the decline of the commercial movement in the areas, and has directly affected the number of consumers and foot traffic.

Al-Sughayer points out that the concerns and issues mentioned by the merchants need to be solved swiftly with the collaboration of the Municipality of Amman and other concerned governmental sectors, before these two areas become deserted markets.

Al-Sughayer promises that the Ahed bloc has drawn out a strategy to revive the commercial activity in these markets and emphasized on the need of the support and the partnership of a number of governmental institutions.

Despite merchants paying a fee for parking to the Amman Municipality, the lack of parking spaces for consumers and the ongoing excavations which sometimes takes up to years to complete and obstructs business movement, are just some of the major problems.

Al- Sughayer indicated that the traffic congestion on the side of the roads in Downtown Amman and Jabal Al Hussein does not allow for parking. Note that the absence of alternative parking solutions is a major factor as to why customers avoid these areas and choose to shop at other locations.

According to Al-Sughayer, one of the most important observations witnessed at King Ghazi Street behind the Gold Market is the time it takes to complete the construction projects carried out by the Municipality of Amman in the area, which hinders the entry of shoppers.

In addition to the aforementioned challenges, the Laws of Owners and Tenants are also threatening the commercial movement in those areas. Al-Sughayer stressed that the bloc will work tirelessly to propose drastic solutions to preserve these areas as booming commercial centers.

The Downtown Amman and Jabal Al Hussein are the source of income for many merchants and play an important role in Jordanian tourism.

The bloc, headed by Ghassan Kharfan, includes Nafez Alian, Tarek Tabbaa, Jamal Farez, Yusuf Murad, Nidal Abu Hikal, Mohammed Al-Bekaie, Abdulrahman Al Nabulsi, and Falah Al-Sughayer.