Hult Prize: The Hashemite University

The Hashemite University of Jordan is participating in the Hult Prize along with 900 other universities from all around the world.

The Hult Prize Foundation, the world’s largest student competition is an annual-year-long competition that crowd-sources ideas from MBA and college students. It challenges them to solve a pressing social issue and create social businesses. In return, the winner will obtain the annual award of 1M USD to help fund his/her idea.

The Campus Director Yara Alqadi is leading the Hult Prize at Hashemite University with 27,000 students enrolled in University. The Hashemite University is participating as one out of 900 other universities from all around the world.

There were 55 teams from the Hashemite University competing for the top 3 places. In addition, more than 200 students were involved to find solutions for the 10th year challenge “Unemployment” that is to create 10,000 jobs for 10,000 people during the next 10 years. They were required to come up with solutions that are impact-centered, profit-minded, and market-driven.

The final competition was held on Friday, 14th of December at the King Hussein Business Park in Techworks, Mind Lab and ZINC. The competition’s elite judicial panel included Sara Ferrer Olivella Head of UNDP in Jordan, Aya Aghabi Founder of Accessible Jordan, Dina Saoudi Co-Founder of Seven Circles, Rola Fayyad Founder of Friendture, Nour Khrais Founder of Maysalward, Dr. Rana Dajani Founder of We Love Reading, Nidal Al-Bitar CEO of int@j, and Emile Cubeisy Managing Partner and Founder of Silicon Badia.

Each one of the selected top 3 teams will be presenting their ideas in one country out of 27 countries to compete with other universities from around the globe in the Regionals.  

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