Display Mate: Galaxy Note 9’s Display Performance Raises the Bar ‘Significantly Higher’

DisplayMate Technologies has completed its comprehensive evaluation of the Galaxy Note 9’s Infinity Display, and the results are clear:

“The level of display performance and excellence has been increasing each year, and the Galaxy Note 9 has raised the bar significantly higher.”

According to the world’s leading evaluator of video screens, the Galaxy Note 9 features “the most innovative and high-performance smartphone display that we have ever lab tested.”

The smartphone established several display performance records during Display Mate’s in-depth analysis, ultimately earning the firm’s highest-ever A+ grade.

The Galaxy Note 9’s 6.4-inch, 3K (2960×1440) Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display matched or set records for a number of important measurements, including screen reflectance, absolute color accuracy, peak brightness, native color gamut, contrast ratio and screen resolution.

Galaxy Note 9

The smartphone’s enhanced High Brightness Mode produces vibrant visuals when users need them, such as when they’re under direct sunlight or in environments with lots of ambient light.

Display Mate’s evaluators tested the feature by displaying an all-white full screen, which is the most challenging image for an OLED display to produce, as it requires all the pixels to shine at full power.

The Galaxy Note 9 set a new record for this brightness measurement that was 27 percent brighter than last year’s Galaxy Note 8. The device also featured a contrast rating for high ambient light that was 32 percent higher than that of its predecessor.

Each of the Galaxy Note 9’s screen modes demonstrated record-setting absolute color accuracy, which is measured in units of Just Noticeable Color Differences, or JNCD.

This measurement refers to the bare minimum color difference that the human eye can perceive. The Galaxy Note 9’s 0.5 JNCD rating is not only 85 percent better than the Galaxy Note 8.

According to Display Mate, the record-setting rating makes the Galaxy Note 9’s Infinity Display “the most color accurate display we have ever measured,” and “visually indistinguishable from perfect.”

In addition to featuring enhanced brightness and accuracy, the Galaxy Note 9’s display offers improved power efficiency. Display Mate’s evaluation also included a measurement of the display’s average power consumption when portraying a wide range of content.

The Galaxy Note 9 consumed just 1.10 watts of power, which makes it 8 percent more power efficient than the Galaxy Note 8.

The Galaxy Note 9 has officially been launched on August 24. To learn more about Samsung’s newest flagship phone and its record-setting display, check out Samsung Newsroom’s roundup of all things Galaxy Note 9.