EY Jordan

EY Jordan Launches ‘EY Entrepreneur of The Year™’ Award Program for 2018

EY Jordan has announced the launch of the EY Entrepreneur of The Year’award program for 2018 .

The eighth cycle of the program, held under Royal patronage, aims to honor exemplary business leaders and entrepreneurs, especially those who have established distinguished startups that showcase creativity and innovation, which are key requirements of the Emerging EY Entrepreneur of The Year’ category. EY Jordan will be accepting nominations for this category starting from 4 September until 30 September, 2018.

To be eligible for the ‘Emerging EY Entrepreneur of The Year’ category, candidates must show that they have introduced a new idea to the market; be owners/founders of a business (not a subsidiary or division) that enjoys stable financing either through revenue or financial backing; be directly responsible for their company’s daily operations and success; have a significant equity shareholding in their business; and run a company that has been operating for over two years with a minimum of 10 employees. Furthermore, the business must have been either established or is currently based in Jordan, or have headquarters or operations in the country. Nominees for the Emerging EY Entrepreneur Of The Year’ category may enter free of charge and can obtain the nomination forms by sending an email to eoy.jordan@jo.ey.com.

Waddah Barkawi, EY Entrepreneur of  The Year’ Country Leader and EY Jordan Partner, stated: “At EY Jordan, we recognize determined and forward-thinking entrepreneurs whose business aspirations actively contribute to job and wealth creation, ultimately driving economic growth and positioning Jordan as a regional hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. As such, we are pleased to return for the eighth year to shed light on those who have been able to successfully realize their visions across the Kingdom, and look forward to celebrating inspiring ventures that are capable of further advancing our promising local entrepreneurial scene.”

The global ‘EY Entrepreneur of The Year’ award program – now in its 32nd year – was launched to recognize the accomplishments of the most successful and dynamic entrepreneurs worldwide, and to contribute to an innovative and creative global business environment. The program has grown to encompass more than 145 cities across 60 countries to date, and is the first and only truly global award for entrepreneurs who have established inspiring businesses that significantly contribute to the world’s social and economic wellbeing.