Qatar to Create 1,000 jobs for Jordanians by September – Minister

Qatar will create 1,000 jobs for Jordanians by September as part of the wealthy Gulf state’s broader economic assistance package announced in the wake of this summer’s anti-austerity protests, Jordan’s Labor Minister Samir Murad said.

The minister said job seekers could apply for the positions via an online platform set up in coordination with the chambers of commerce and industry in both countries.

In June Qatar pledged to provide Jordanians with 10,000 jobs across five sectors as part of a $500 million aid package that also includes investments and project finance. Jordan’s cash-strapped economy has been hit by regional turmoil and IMF-driven austerity measures triggered a wave of protests over price hikes and subsidy cuts that brought down the government led by Hani al-Mulki.

Jordan’s economy has struggled to grow in the last few years under chronic deficits as private foreign capital and aid flows have slipped. Unemployment is running at above 18 percent.

Qatar’s Gulf neighbors Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates—with which it is embroiled in a diplomatic row—and Kuwait have also pledged $2.5 billion to help Jordan.