At KABS, excellence is in the details: we take a well-rounded approach to health and wellness, prioritizing all aspects of nutrition and fitness through a rich, in-depth understanding of the science and principles that underlie good health.

This approach includes a commitment to the application of good nutrition, a strong understanding of the bio-mechanics of athletic equipment and activities, a robust knowledge of the supplements needed to fortify and elevate a person’s diet, and a dedicated support network capable of personalizing the health and fitness experience for each client and customer.

By sticking to the basics and fundamentals, KABS helps individuals drive real, lasting positive change that will help them achieve their personal goals and improve their overall quality of life.

“For people inspired to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, KABS is an integrated fitness and wellness brand committed to providing superlative products and services, with a focus on educating our clients and customers in the long term. We truly believe in what we do: KABS is owned and operated by some of the most knowledgeable fitness experts in Jordan. Our team practices what we preach, using the same products and techniques we offer to our clients.”

As a child, I was always fascinated by the incredible potential of the human body, and the ways it can be built, shaped, sculpted and molded. When I was just eight years old, I remember picking up a copy of my father’s Muscle and Fitness magazine; I’ve been captivated by the fitness world ever since.

KABSWhen I was growing up, my father had a home gym where he regularly exercised in order to keep himself fit. By following various fitness and bodybuilding publications, he developed and expanded his knowledge of health and physique.

Watching my father hone his own fitness and physique is what really inspired my passion. The fact that we have such an incredible ability to change, manipulate, and improve our bodies through our own actions is in itself a powerful and inspiring thing.

Now, imagine applying that concept to all other facets of your life. With determination and discipline – the cornerstones of health and fitness – we can create the lives we choose for ourselves.


So what is KABS really all about? We’re not just another business or brand trying to achieve financial success or increase our market share. At KABS, we are the embodiment of a vision, an idea, a lifestyle. Our entire team lives by this vision, while trying to inspire and motivate individuals across Jordan through our shared passion for fitness and wellness.

Our biggest questions are not about how to increase profits, but about how to change attitudes and behaviors. Is it possible to transform the lives and attitudes of people across the country and region? How can we demonstrate our passion through our business? Can KABS really make a difference in people’s lives?


To inspire and empower individuals to reach their highest potential in the pursuit of optimal health and well-being.


To deliver comprehensive, integrated health and fitness solutions, through a combination of demonstrated expertise, scientifically sound knowledge, and world-class products and services.

Making a difference is what we at KABS are really about, and this is how we measure our success. KABS, FitFactory, and DNA have come to life in a considerably short period of time through the passion, determination, and commitment that courses the veins of each and every one of our team members.

Although we took the first steps to launch KABS, I cannot take credit for what KABS has achieved. We were merely the spark that ignited our team’s explosive, enthusiastic efforts to realize our vision. At KABS, we want the Jordanian people to understand that achieving goals and reaching your full potential requires dedicated, disciplined lifestyle changes.

In order to change your body, you must adjust your mental outlook. The power of thought is what made our dreams a reality, and it’s the same for our clients and customers. We provide the tools, knowledge, and guidance – underpinned by scientific rigor – necessary to reach your personal goals.

Through a combination of highly qualified trainers and nutritionists, bio-mechanically perfected fitness equipment, high-quality nutritional supplements, and our state-of-the-art facilities, our customers can find a real, viable path to better health and fitness.

I cannot emphasize enough the unprecedented efforts exerted by the entire KABS team in making this vision a reality. There were many exhausting days and sleepless nights involved in the process that got us here, but every member of our team has been driven by something they truly believe in. In conclusion, I would like to welcome you to KABS and leave you with a message from our team to everyone who has ever had a goal or a dream: remain dedicated, disregard the naysayers, aim for the stars, and never, ever give up!

Yours in fitness and health,

Awn Kabariti