The Economic Resilience Initiative – European Investment Bank

We are pleased to announce our media partnership with the EIB’s 2018 MED Conference which is scheduled to be held on the 2nd of July, 2018 in Amman, focusing on Economic Resilience.

The EIB’s 2018 MED Conference will bring together leaders and experts in the Mediterranean region to discuss what works and where investors can make an impact. In particular, it will focus on two of the most vital needs: water and jobs.

After setting the scene with an overview of the macroeconomic situation in the Mediterranean region, the discussions will focus on how the Economic Resilience Initiative (ERI) helps to build the capacity of economies to absorb and respond to crises and shocks while maintaining strong growth.

The sessions will highlight the product toolbox available under ERI (including loans to SMEs and mid-caps, technical assistance, micro-finance, equity and venture debt), but also give project promoters an opportunity to share their experience of working with EIB in the ERI context.

A B2B-session will close the conference and provide participants and promoters with an opportunity to meet the Bank’s representatives, to present their business cases and learn how the ERI might support their projects.

Who is it for?

Business leaders, decision-makers, government representatives, national and international organisations and financial institutions, start-ups, microfinance companies, research centres and universities, chambers of commerce and business associations.

Participants will receive practical information and location details once they have registered online

For the PDF version of the agenda