Modern Designs


Modern Designs is Jordan’s high-end property developer; a company utterly committed to craft elegant quality homes.

Each material is carefully selected, and each building process receives the time and attention it deserves, in turn delivering superior value for your money. The attention to detail, rigorous quality assessment and exquisite design of every element is the solid foundation upon which the company builds its reputation. Only prime real estate locations become part of the company’s portfolio.

Form, function and space are wrapped with timeless and elegant designs, attributing character and class to each building. At Modern Designs, an impressive team of passionate architects and engineers constantly collaborate to structure, plan and execute each home flawlessly. Commitment to quality and elegant design, combined with international standards, best practices and carefully selected materials are the company’s promise to you.



Great materials and building standards do not come out accidentally. They are the product of research, testing, know-how, and relevant extensive experience. The choices we make on every project are based on set of international principles and best practices.

This has been recognized by the International Standards Organization which has awarded Modern Designs the first ISO 9001:2008 certificate among all property developers in Jordan.

We are very proud of this certificate upon which we are always committed to use quality materials and excute our projects with the utmost care in order to constantly deliver our promise to each one of our customers.


Everyone of us dreams of a home that hosts the style and comfort we need. Our home is an expression of ourselves. It is the environmnet we customize to fit our lifestyle unconditionally.

A modern design we strive to ensure an accurate execution of each straight line, each sharp frame and every single measurement we make. We understand that your new home is your life`s canvas; Therefore we believe that high quality finishing will suitably complement your choice of furniture, accessories and installations to create your environment worthy of the word “home”.

Simplicity Is the Ultimate Sophistication

This belief is at the very soul of what we wish to accomplish through our design choice at Modern Designs. We strive to build elegant homes, filled with natural sunlight that flows into the space through beautiful French windows of the highest quality.

Modern Designs

This choice coupled with matching materials deliver a harmonious and positive living experience. Though many parts of a building or apartment are more functional than aesthetic, we chose to pay attention to each fragment of your home to the smallest detail, including wiring arrangements and power outlets to name a few.

At Modern Designs we assure and guarantee that each detail has been carefully prepared and executed for you to feel at ease and comfortable in your new home.

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