compeTALENT aspires to become the leading provider for management consulting and talent solutions

Providing a talent of no limit, a diverse culture and background, a passion for excellence and a continuous drive to be the best, Jordan paved a smooth road for the inception of compeTALENT for Management Consulting and Talent Solutions in 2017. The company aspires to become the region’s leading provider for management consulting and talent solutions by positioning Jordan as a hub and capitalizing on human capital development. It hopes to achieve this by excelling in the consulting business as a quality service provider that is in line with international leading practices and support its vision realization through continuously improving talents.

The compeTALENT team consists of diverse background consultants with an exceptional set of competencies and renowned experience, delivering to numerous clients operating locally and internationally. This know-how in the diverse fields of work enriched the team’s knowledge of international best practices and is a means to delivering value to the firm’s clients. compeTALENT invests a great deal into identifying the right people, developing their skills, and creating an environment that fosters continual growth. Additionally, it seeks to provide a positive atmosphere as people are perceived to be the foundation for success.

compeTALENT has built partnerships with many local and international – private and public – firms, including Mercer, Kony, and Jordan Oil Terminals Company (JOTC).

Such successful partnerships have opened great opportunities for expansion in Jordan. Through the strategic partnership with Mercer Consulting, the world’s number one HR consulting firm, compeTALENT operates as Mercer’s talent hub in Jordan serving projects in the Middle East region. Since its inception, Mercer and compeTALENT held two one-of-a-kind events for Human Resource Representatives. These were the 2017 Total Remuneration Survey Results in October and more recently the 2018 Total Remuneration Survey Launch event. The more recent of the two, took place in April, where Human Resource representatives from over 40 firms attended the launch event from industries including, but not limited to, pharmaceuticals, financial, education, telecommunication, oil & gas, along with many others. During the event members of the compeTALENT and Mercer team discussed hot topics in the local market as well as insights from talent and reward trends across the region. This of course included the participation of the audience providing valuable input from HR representatives with diverse perceptions.

The compeTALENT – JOTC partnership is another unique collaboration, where compeTALENT provides JOTC with both consulting and specialized talent solutions services including providing outsourced needs through resource and vendor selection and management, evaluation of resource performance, and other support services.

Additionally, the company has developed a strong partnership with Kony, the fastest growing mobile application solution provider in the industry, which requires adequate presence in Jordan and the region. compeTALENT has established Kony’s hub in Jordan by appointing and providing competent resources for Kony’s projects in Jordan, while also providing mobility services and support business development and marketing efforts in the country.

In effort to continue its expansion, the company is launching an interactive website in July 2018, where consultants seeking to join projects and companies in search of resources are connected with compatible counterparts through the compeTALENT team, based on the needs and requirements vs. qualifications and experience. Additionally, the website will host a component for employees searching for employment can be connected with employers seeking qualified candidates. To ensure participants gain the utmost value possible, the company will also be partnering up with similar globally operating platforms.

compeTALENT’s commitment to providing the best to its clients and people is one of the company’s main pillars and is instilled in its core values. While passionate about the work, compeTALENT never fails to forget that community is the essence of development and as such, compeTALENT has incorporated Corporate Social Responsibility as another main company pillar. The company strives to nurture their community alongside its growth through multiple initiatives, including the launch of a training and development programme for youths and recent graduates.

compeTALENT’s values rely on ambition, excellence, social responsibility, ownership and passion. The company shares a desire and an eagerness to thrive in the consulting field by extending the combined knowledge acquired, developing the community, and delivering top quality work to clients by ensuring that client’s assets and resources are dealt with as part of compeTALENT, while also safeguarding their brand.