The Founding of Al-Hudhud

Our guest in Women in Business, Shaima’ Al-Bishtawi, believes that respect is exchanged through language. That’s why she created Al-Hudhud, a creative content company to teach children Arabic.

Al-Hudhud was founded in 2011 by Shaima’ Al-Bishtawi and her business partner, Engineer Mohammed Al-Bishtawi, to provide solutions to teaching Arabic to her children and to non-Arabic speakers. How did it begin? What are the services that the company provides for the users? And where did the company’s journey reach in the world of finance?

Shaima’ Al-Bishtawi: Al-Hudhud started providing a creative Arabic content for children. It started with applications on iPhones and iPads. Al-Hudhud specialized in providing educational solutions whatever Arabic language is spoken anywhere in the world. Al-Hudhud succeeded in studying issues that the Arabic language faces and present it to children and many Arab and international cities around the world. The main thing about Al-Hudhud is a key product called Smart Hudhud Curriculum that is sold to educational Institutes, schools and kindergartens, they buy it with a package of solutions. We also provide some solutions to individuals. Through this product we achieve a certain amount of profit and through an annual subscription we can fund ourselves. As for our relationship with the Ministry of Education, we applied our educational solutions with the Ministry of Education through the Jordanian educational Initiative for 3 years now, we applied it in over 70 public schools during last year. Currently, we have an agreement with the Ministry of Education to spread the application of the smart Hudhud curriculum in all schools throughout the kingdom where the smart board is available.

Arabic language is classified as one of the most spoken languages in the world, which is the reason that made Shaima’ search for Education solutions for Arabic speakers and those who wish to learn it. What does Bishtawi tell us about the World Finance in business and what about the challenges she faced?

Shaima’ Al-Bishtawi: My journey in the World Finance in business is full of challenges, it is a nice and fun Journey each day we have a new challenge but it is a difficult one, I’m not saying it’s easy at all, each day we have an issue that must be solved. Talking about achievements, we really want to solve the problems that we started this project for, we can claim that it did and achieved many things but at the end of the year are there any results? This is one of the most challenging obstacles that we faced. We also faced challenges regarding funding the project and supporting it. Honestly, everybody says they will support you, be there for you and cheer for you, but at the end you are all alone.

People are respected as much as their respect language, this is the message that Al-Hudhud conveys to its users through the gates of finance and business. The success of Al-Hudhud didn’t happen for no reason, the evaluation of leading companies is usually related to its basic ideas along with finding solutions for existing problems. Al-Hudhud studied the need to teach Arabic language for different categories of people and found solutions for it. So it became a leading and project that introduces Arabic language to the whole world.