Porto Dead Sea

Launch of Deliveries for first Phase of “Porto Dead Sea”

Porto Dead Sea has launched the first phase of the Dead Sea Porto project, which includes 439 apartments ranging in size between 52 and 76 m2, surrounded by a serviced area including shopping centers and a wide range of International restaurants.

Events for completing the first phase have already began, starting with a ceremony, which took place on Friday, in a lively family atmosphere, and attended by 350 prominent hotel owners and their families in addition to businessmen. The celebration included live music, in addition to entertainment activities for adults and children to enjoy, followed by a banquet dinner with a wide selection of international and oriental cuisines.
The ceremony was well planned, and stood out through its wonderful activities and happenings, which pleased all the guests. The luxury and grandness of the event, combined with great event-planning skills and execution, was well received by attendees, and highlighted the high level of organization of the day, and also emphasized the importance of recreational activities and events in the project.
The beginning of the first phase deliveries of this project is a real indication of the company’s dedication to its customers, as well as its focus on developing comprehensive plans for the development of the Dead Sea area and promoting it in line with the development of the area during the coming years.

“We are delighted to launch the first phase of Porto Dead Sea project, which will provide comprehensive tourism facilities, equipped with the services needed by families. This is also a great investment opportunity for anyone who is looking to purchase a property and rent it out for an additional income,” commented Jamal Fathallah, CEO of Porto Dead Sea.

“The launch of the first phase of Porto Dead Sea is in line with our vision to create employment opportunities for young individuals in Jordan increase investment in the tourism sector in our country, due to its significant role in our economy,” he added.

Porto Dead Sea is set in a unique atmosphere, especially on the Eastern shore, as it is surrounded by lush landscaping, sea and mountains.

Children will have special attention at Porto Dead Sea, with multiple swimming pools for them to enjoy, and access to water sports. Porto Dead Sea also provides children with playing areas and babysitting services.

It is worth nothing that the Porto Dead Sea project, which is under the “Porto Group”, a leading development company in the tourism and recreational sector, is one of the largest in the region, and is also one of the biggest investment projects in Jordan, offering a full range of family tourism facilities, covering thousands of hotel apartment units, international restaurants and cafes.