Manufacturing trademarks

Some trademarks often go beyond their geographical boundaries to accompany us everywhere. Today, you will meet one of the creative individuals who manufacture such trademarks and create its user experience at Plexable Company.

Whoever believes in excellence and success believes that each day there is a new opportunity to fulfilling dreams. Today we will introduce you to a company that had it all and became a pioneer in its field, it excelled significantly in Jordan and the region regarding user experience and interface design. From a small basement, three young Jordanians started working on a dream they all had in common.

Maher Jilani: Back in 2010 I got together with Hamzeh and Shiraz when we were a group of organized freelancers. The beginning was in Amman, I was working with Hamzeh and Shiraz around a table, one of the first assets we bought was a fan because the weather was very hot. This is where the idea started, we started moving from one office to another and we were constantly working, things were going smoothly and we were well organized, until we decided that we must expand the team. The team started growing and in 2013 the company was officially registered. So we registered it and began working in 2013. At Plexable many entrepreneurs and people came to us with limited ideas for products, what we do is creating products from scratch based on an idea until it is developed into a brand, a successful one which becomes the reason for a company’s product to succeed. At Plexable we work with all sorts of clients, whether they’re very important people, big, medium and small companies or entrepreneurs. One of our most important clients, we were very pleased that our team studied and designed Her Majesty Queen Rania’s website, we designed for Abdul Latif Jameel’s company, also the Bahraini leading telecommunication company Viva, we designed for MadfooatCom Company, which is eFAWATEERcom and we designed for PosRocket. We are very grateful for our strong presence is Silicon Valley in California, USA.

These are limitless dreams, there are different concepts, varying between dreams, reality and work. What advice does Maher Jilani have today for entrepreneurs?

Maher Jilani: The distance between dreams and reality is bridged through work. One has to always seek fulfilling his dreams and this is full of challenges and obstacles, one of them is failure at some point, but any failure can lead to success. Each door you knock could open up another one which could provide opportunities for you. The idea is in taking your chances, keep trying until you succeed.

The entrepreneurship of ideas and business knows no despair and is not afraid of falling down several times, because through rocky roads many lessons will be learnt about rising up again. This is a true embodiment of a quote by Tagore: “Thanks to thorns, they taught me a lot.”

Manufacturing trademarks.