Onsite Daycare Center Opens for Landmark Hotel Employees

The Landmark Hotel in Amman has become the first hotel in Jordan to open an onsite daycare center for its employees.

The establishment of the facility aims to minimize pressure on employees, particularly working mothers, by providing them with the option of bringing their children to work, hoping that it will inspire other hotels to follow suit.

“We foresee that Daycare by Landmark will drive more local women to approach the hotel industry for long-term employment,” said Ibrahim Karajeh, the Landmark’s general manager. “This facility is expected to help women manage the burden of their multiple roles.”

This initiative was implemented in cooperation with the National Council for Family Affairs, the Employment-Technical and Vocational Education and Training Fund (E-TVET Fund), the Ministry of Labor and SADAQA—which is a local non-governmental organization that was founded by a group of working parents who experienced difficulties in balancing work and life.

Since its establishment in 2011, SADAQA has partnered with the ILO and the Ministry of Labor to establish day care facilities in the workplace for working parents.