Mercato Mediterraneo: Food and culture of the Mediterranean

In cooperation with the Italian Trade Agency in Amman, Venture had the privilege of attending the first edition of the Mercato Mediterraneo in Rome, Italy at the Fiera di Roma venue. The 4-day event was dedicated to the development of rural economies and to the safeguarding of environment territories of the Mediterranean Countries.

The purpose of the event is to contribute to the experience of food and offer a valorizing perspective on the products, producers and consumers of the Mediterranean. Mercato Mediterraneo created and organized by Fiera Roma, a huge exhibition center that was inaugurated in April 2006. The venue is one of the largest and most accredited exhibition centers in Europe. It is a great work of architecture, a futuristic business, and a relations center.

Mercato Mediterraneo is positioned in an internationally renowned tourist destination and a very important business center. Rome is the heart of economic flow between the north and south of Italy and Europe, a bridge between old and new markets.

Posted by Mercato Mediterraneo on Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The venue is equipped with modern and functional facilities and located in a strategic position, between a network of connections that makes it accessible. It is a multi-purpose exhibition center of over 390,000 square meters.

The versatility of the structures is designed to accommodate events simultaneously. The efficiency of the service offered, and the cutting-edge technology make it the ideal place for trade fairs, professional and business meetings.

During our attendance, we had the chance to meet with Pietro Piccinetti, the CEO of the Fiera Roma group.

Pietro Piccinetti, the CEO of the Fiera Roma group

Piccinetti was born in Rome but moved to Venezuela at a young age. He graduated with a degree in engineering and started his professional career at Olivetti Group. He worked in several positions in South America and the United States before returning to Italy as the marketing manager of Olivetti Group in 1988. Even there,  Piccinetti wore many hats; he directed the direction and management of the group’s subsidiaries in Paris and London.

Pietro has become a professional and expert person in the Exhibitions and Trade Fair business. In April 2016, Piccinetti became the CEO of Fiera Roma S.r.l. and was appointed to revive the Exhibition Trade Fair. He also serves as the Coordinator for the Commission of Internationalization Association of Exhibitions and Italian Fairs (AEFI) and was recently elected  president of Central European Fair Alliance (CEFA), a member of UFI.

The Fiera Roma team, under Piccinetti ’s supervision, decided to launch the Mercato Mediterraneo annual event, which is projected to be the ultimate and unprecedented meeting place for business and culture, trade and tale, taste and craft.

The event was established to build new relationships, to share ideas and to develop synergies among producers and buyers, and professionals and food lovers within the Mediterranean. The event program was very exciting and valuable; there were a lot of interesting exhibitors, sessions and activities covering a major aspect of the entire Food industry. The event also highlighted the beauty and authenticity of the Mediterranean countries and their integrated cultures.


Several interesting sessions were conducted, such as Have you ever seen nougat?, organized by Spazio Aruci, A School of Bread and Pasta, by CNA Roma, “Everything you wanted to know about oil” by Maurizio Pescari. At School of Pizza, by Rosso Pomodoro, Bread and herbs, with the bread of Sicily, Puglia, Calabria and Sardinia session, organized by the Slow Food Roma Education Group in collaboration with Agrigiochiamo Tourism was also coverd by the “2018 year of food culture, an opportunity for sustainable tourism” session attended by Dorina Bianchi, Undersecretary Minister for Culture and Tourism.

Exciting game sessions, such as “Oliopoli: the Game of Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, “The Cuisine of the Heart”, and a “Commitment to the Mediterranean” edited by Pietro Parisi, chef Ambassador of the Mediterranean Counsel.

Agriculture and political stability in the Mediterranean was attended by Paolo De Castro, First V. President of the Commission for Agriculture and Development Rural European Community and Carlo Hausmann, Councilor for Agriculture of the Lazio Region.

“The Cous Cous with 7 Vegetables and Meat of the City of Fez” edited by Bouchra Elwali in the company of Hnia Ouardi, “Ancient Grains of the Mediterranean”, “Lesson on the Grain” By Francesco Sottile.

“Breads and Oils: Taste Biodiversity” by the Slow Food Education Group Rome with the support of Marco Antonucci, extra-virgin expert, lecturer of food, journalist and author of Extravergine Area. There was also the opening of the UNESCO-listed Pizza Signature Collection, UNESCO World Heritage Pizza. There was also an international tasting panel that had tasters from Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Japan and Italy who participated in the “Olive Oil Tokyo Contest”.

There was also a preview of the “International Festival of Food Journalism: How to Communicate the World of Food” session. “Sea Bream and Sea Bass”, the cultural values of the Mediterranean diet, “Salt and Herbs: How to Best Preserve the Herbs and Give Flavor to Each Dish”, “Do Not Tell Me You Do Not Have Time: Optimize Time and Resources in the Kitchen”, and “Save the Planet”, were among the important sessions.

Also among the important sessions were “Ancient Grains of the Mediterranean”, “A Wealth To Be Rediscovered”, “Lessons On the Grain” edited by Francesco Sottile, lecturer of Colture Arboree of the University of Palermo, and much more.

This event exchanges culture and history, and development and synergy among different civilizations. Differences intensified development and development produced differences. A place where diversity comes together, a unique place that will give you the feeling of travelling every corner of the Mediterranean region: Mercato Mediterraneano