BR Communications

Communicating Within and Beyond Lebanon’s Business Environment

BR Communications advises SMEs and other business organizations to “be heard.”

The business climate in Lebanon has seen its fair share of ebbs and flows: it is hard environment in which to do business, not only because of economic, political, and security concerns, but also because of high competition between brands and organizations.

In recent months, the news on the business climate much like other times has given viewers a balanced picture of what to expect. It is not all bad, nor is it all good, so in a business climate that remains in equilibrium, how should a business progress? Firstly, it is important to focus on the positives, so that business can plan accordingly.

Contrary to popular belief, there are positives in Lebanon’s business environment. Financing options for business are improving steadily with banks and other financial institutions developing products to fit the needs of businesses regardless of size and type. Further, off-shore energy exploration is set to act as a stimulus for the economy by increasing employment and introducing new business opportunities.


The flourishing and steady SME sector accounting for a near 90% of all businesses, mirrors that in many other countries. The importance of the SME sector is not just in its existence and size, but because of its size it is a driver of the economy through offering employment, new products and services priced competitively, and new industrial innovations. The problem is getting ‘heard’.

“When we talk of getting heard, we are referring to a business’ product, service, brand, and in some rare instances whatever managerial information they want to communicate to the public. The public consist of a business’ clients, customers, other stakeholders, and potential opportunities to develop new ties. To get messages across, the first thing to assume, is no one has sufficient time to stumble upon a business and what they offer, the message needs to grab their attention, and for this it is important to enlist a professional,” commented Bahaa Fatairy, MD of BR Communications.

Based out of Dubai, BR Communications, has made a name for itself regionally through carefully cultivated relationships with regional media, and partnerships with other like-minded media organizations. These connections have helped BR Communications get their client’s messages across to the correct audience, at the correct time while respecting cultural and business ethics to extend and develop the clients’ business reach.

Reach is important. Whether it is the targeted audience, or a new target market segment completely. And with Lebanon’s vast diaspora, a business reach not just within its country business borders, but beyond could potentially lead to more opportunities and growth. “Public relations, and marketing for some business may mean a simple promotion of their services and products to existing markets to increase sales, growth, and profitability. But, while this may make sense in the short-term, in the long-term public relations helps businesses develop their brand, and their voice in the market; it helps in the longevity of the business. This is what business should expect from their public relations team,” explained Fatairy, who continuously looks for creative ideas and ways in which to develop his own business.

“Ultimately, to be successful, you need to be known, and to be known you need to be heard, and to be heard, you need professional marketing expertise to create an incredible message and ensure it does not become ‘noise’,” concluded Fatairy.