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Endeavor Jordan and Silicon Badia Launch USAID-Funded Startup Program 

Endeavor Jordan and Silicon Badia last month launched a new startup program that’s backed by a $10 million USAID fund and aims to support Jordanian entrepreneurs, fund managers and angel investors.

BeyondCapital will work to “leverage capital, expertise and access to networks to foster a dynamic and open environment, propel job growth, increase equity investments and push through a new pipeline of fast-growing businesses,” Endeavor said in statement.

BeyondCapital will launch a two-year support program for startups, utilizing Endeavor’s network of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors to provide mentorship and training.

“With BeyondCapital, we aim to closely tackle most of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs be it through improved access to mentors, networks, or capital,” said Ali al-Husry, a BeyondCapital board member, during the launch event in Amman. “BeyondCapital will also be addressing the challenges faced by investors stemming mainly from weak infrastructure and lack of training targeted at fund managers and angel investors.”

Silicon Badia will run investor-training programs, while BeyondCapital is set to support the establishment of funds and networks of potential investors as well as create training programs to encourage angel investors.

“Beyond Capital will improve investor and business access to equity capital, advance the development of the financial system, and encourage increased equity investment in early stage businesses. This will have a significant impact in propelling Jordan’s economic growth,” said Jim Barnhart, acting deputy chief of Mission for the US Embassy.