Naouri Group: a pioneer company in the logistics, Transportation and Shipping industry

Naouri Group started its operations as a shipping lines agent in Aqaba in 1994. Over the years, it continued to expand its portfolio of services to include other Logistics, Transportation and Shipping services, as well as getting involved in other industries such as travel management, agricultural production, and security services.

Ibrahim Naouri, Naouri Group Chairman and Founder

Over the past couple of years, Naouri Group changed its strategy from being “asset-light”, in the sense that it brokered most of its services, to investing in assets such as its fleet of 125 modern trucks and its logistics center, which is strategically located on Jordan’s new ring road, the main highway for cargo transportation between Aqaba and most major cities and neighboring countries. The logistics center includes state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, a container depot that takes up to 4000 containers, a maintenance facility for trucks and containers, and a weighing station that automatically transmits container weights to shipping lines. The Group is working on establishing a similarly-advanced logistics center in Aqaba as well.

“We are creating something new in Jordan without re-inventing the wheel. Third party and contract logistics are well established concepts in most advanced countries.” Said Ibrahim Naouri, the Group’s Chairman and Founder. “The logic is simple; unlike specialized third party logistics (3PL) companies, it is not worthwhile for most importers and exporters to invest in things like cutting-edge warehouse management systems, teams of highly qualified engineers, or to implement world-class security processes and get international certification for that. For us, it is feasible and it is the future.”

In addition to its developments on the logistics front, Naouri Group has also been investing in new technologies related to the industry. “Shipping and logistics have not been impacted by technology like other industries such as the hotels or airlines. This only means that change is coming, and there are big opportunities for disruption.” Said Naouri. “We have noticed that a lot of new ideas have been coming up recently, and they are raising a lot of capital by venture capital firms. That is why we invested in LogistaaS, which is a cloud-based software solution currently targeting freight forwarding companies, with plans to cover more members of the supply chain in the coming years.”LogistaaS currently has offices in Amman and in Dubai, with companies using its solution in 20 countries around the world. They have recently been selected as one of the top 10 transport management software solutions in 2017 by Logistics Tech Outlook.