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Market Leader LG Electronics Perfects the Art of Essence

Integrating Aesthetics and Intuitive Usability: Market Leader LG Electronics Perfects the Art of Essence

At this year’s IFA, the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, competition was fierce, with the globe’s top tech companies unveiling their latest innovations to audience members insatiably hungry for the products of the future. LG Electronics, a champion of putting advanced technology in the hands of consumers, stole the show with its impressive lineup of visually astounding, user-centric home solutions.

One of the most famous creators, thinkers, and scientists, Albert Einstein, once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Applicable across disciplines to many of the issues we face today, this bit of Einstein’s wisdom encourages innovation and creativity when faced with a challenge. For tech companies, that challenge can be framed with the following question: “How can we comprehensively satisfy a consumers’ desire for the newest technology, while at the same time ensuring that this technology retains its usability?”

LG Electronics responds to that question with its focus on the “art of essence,” a unique design concept that underlies the creation of the entirety of its latest portfolio of products, guiding its developers to always remember the purpose of what is being made: a washing machine washes clothes, a refrigerator keeps food cold, and a television transmits entertaining images. This concept, however, on top of establishing usability as a foundation for innovation, necessitates style – clean, uncomplicated, and beautiful.

Constituting a large part of LG’s collection, built along “art of essence” principles, is the aesthetically appealing, AI-equipped, squad of robots, including the Lawnmower Robot, Hub Robot, HOM-BOTâ, Airport Robot, and Airport Cleaning Robot. Designed to meet specific consumer needs and to make their lives measurably easier, many of them boast Deep Learning technology to scan their environment and actually evolve over time to more effectively perform their assigned tasks. The HOM-BOTâ, for example, can adapt its vacuuming routine based on its surroundings with no input from the consumer, while the Airport Robot serves as an air traveler’s personal assistant, intelligently answering questions in a variety of languages.

LG Electronics: Airport Guide Robot 06Airport Guide Robot

LG Electronics

Airport Cleaning Robot

Just as impressive as the robots, though perhaps not as lively, are LG’s home entertainment solutions, including the LG LOUDR party speaker lineup that delivers stunning audio quality with a unique sparkle lighting stylistic touch, as well as the brilliant ProBeamlaser projector, which beams meticulously detailed pictures onto the surface of the user’s choice, as it capable of operating wirelessly.

LG Electronics: LG HOM-BOT Turbo


Summarizing the company’s main goal in dreaming up new creations, Managing Director of LG Levant Hong Ju Jeon said, “Innovating does not mean abandoning old principles. Innovating means looking at something differently, and thinking, ‘How can I enhance this for what it is, making it both more usable and attractive to consumers?’ At LG, we reject linear thinking, and instead cherish inventiveness and creativity — in other words, the ability to break from the norm.”

Innovating for a better life, LG continues to work on all fronts to facilitate people’s lives, committing to remain not only leaders, but also trendsetters in developing usable, sophisticated, future-proof technology.