Aramex Launches Customer Service Chatbot

Aramex has launched a customer service chatbot that operates via Facebook messenger.

“The service enables personalized, scalable conversations with customers about shipment-related queries and different service offerings,” the regional logistics giant said in a statement.

The English and Arabic-language chatbot allows users to locate their nearest Aramex office, track shipments, and share preferred delivery locations. The service will be available across the Middle East, but customers in the UAE will be able to schedule a delivery personalized shipments and e-commerce parcels.

“As part of Aramex’s continuing drive to enhance service levels, the new chatbot can also detect customers satisfaction rate based on simple keywords used during the conversation,” Aramex said.

Last year, Aramex launched a mobile app that offers customers package visibility and tracking, in-app payment, delivery scheduling, live tracking and a courier rating system. The company said it was also interested in incorporating robotics and AI into its operations. “Trends such as using drones to deliver packages and robotics for loading and unloading not only enhance the efficiency of the delivery process, but have the potential to redefine the industry as a whole,” the company said.